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Our History

Freedom Financial Corp. was founded by Kenwyn J. Belkot on November 1, 1996. Freedom Financial Corp is a full financial service company that primarily serves the North Hills community of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas with Lifetime Income Planning for the pre-retiree and retiree population.

In 2004, Kenwyn purchased the building property located on 210 Wallace Road in Wexford, PA and completely renovated the existing building. The office serves clients and provides a seminar headquarters, which helps to educate existing clients and the community at large.

Freedom Financial Corp. was birthed out of a true frustration with the financial industry business model that was so prevalent in the early 80’s and 90’s. The business model was full of proprietary products but lacked “Product and Investment” options for clients. Serving clients’ interests through creativity and outside-the-box thinking was often discouraged.

At Freedom Financial, we follow the six steps taught and published by the College of Financial Planning. We believe that before doing anything, it is vital to first have a plan in mind. We like to quote Steven Covey when he states, “begin with the end in mind”.

You strive to be the very best at what you do, whether you are a homemaker, attorney, engineer or rocket scientist. We do the same thing with financial planning.

Our purpose is to be North Pittsburgh’s premier source for lifetime income planning solutions while providing outstanding client service and promoting unique and positive client relationships.