Why choose Freedom Financial?

At Freedom Financial, we are more than just a list of credentials. Yes, we can show our degrees, certifications, licenses, and registrations. We are proud of the hard work and experience our collective resume represents, but Freedom Financial is bigger than a list. Our company identity guides us as we make important financial decisions for our clients. Our core values of integrity, value, and investing in the future are just a small part of what makes us unique.

We have integrity.  To us, this isn’t just a word; it’s a way of life. Because we are independent of any financial institution, we have the freedom to offer clients access to a full range of products and services that are available from all markets. There’s no pressure to pick a specific service or client because of a commission. We want what’s right for each client, not just what makes us money.

We add value. We aren’t interested in numbers; we are interested in people. Our goal is to consistently add value by providing our clients with confidence through our comprehensive and honest financial advice. A simple thank you from a satisfied client is one of the most rewarding parts of our work.

We are invested in the future. Our goal is to improve and adjust as markets and regulations change, and as new products and services are made available. We are constantly searching for new ways of doing things, serving our clients as best we can.  Creating retirement plans designed to ensure our client’s investments last longer than they do.

We are more than just another financial services company. Through comprehensive wealth management and solid advice, we’ve been helping to provide confidence for our clients in the Wexford and North Pittsburgh areas since 1996. Call us today to schedule a review of your financial outlook. Take that first step towards financial freedom!

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