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Why choose Freedom Financial?

At Freedom Financial, we are more than just a list of credentials. Yes, we can show our degrees, certifications, licenses, and registrations. We are proud of the hard work and experience our collective resume represents, but Freedom Financial is bigger than a list. Our company identity guides us as we make important financial decisions for…

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Who should hire a financial planner?

Handing over the keys to your investment portfolio and financial life comes with a bit of uncertainty, much like purchasing a new home or choosing a university. Before you make the commitment to a planner, it’s important to ask yourself if hiring a financial planner is right for you. Here are a few indicators that…

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Why should I hire a financial advisor?

One of the first questions we are asked by new clients is, “why should I hire a financial advisor?” It’s a great question, and the answer, just like your portfolio, is unique to each client. Maybe you want to work alongside a skilled financial professional, filling in the gaps of your own investment knowledge, or…

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